Steven Jamal and D.D.King feat. Dorien Smith - No Words [Klevakeys Remix] [Unquantize Recordings]

Released 14/07/2014

We here at Unquantize are absolutely "speechless" with regards to our

latest release “No Words”! In it's edited original form, "No Words" was a

released on this years Quantize Recordings WMC Sampler and was

immediately successful. We could not wait any longer to release this

remix project for your summer enjoyment. In it, you will find the

unedited original version, plus remixes from Klevakeys, Steven Jamal,

and Gianni Junior! Unquantize continues to set the underground tone and

energy and each of these mixes exemplifies that fact. Klevakeys has two

mixes on this package. His remixes drives with groove and direction with

peak hour appeal. Two mixes, two separate ways to rock ya! One swings

and grooves and the other is the “Raw Retro Remix”, that is just that,

with a new flavor nuances. You will also enjoy Steven Jamal’s remix that

centers on the great lyrics vocals that Dorien Smith delivers with afro

percussion, pianos, and organs that make it a great reinterpretation!

Sure fiyah! Not enough? Add in Gianni Junior, who is no stranger to

Unquantize as an artist, producer and remixer and knows how to drive a

4/4 house beat into a frenzy with keys that will drill your dance floor!

Straight rocking from beginning to end! Lost for words? We are. You

might find that more than one, or all of these mixes will fit in your


01.Steven Jamal & D.D.King feat. Dorien Smith-No Words_Klevakeys Remix

02.Steven Jamal & D.D.King feat. Dorien Smith-No Words_(Steven Jamal Remix)

03.Steven Jamal & D.D.King feat. Dorien Smith-No Words_Klevakeys Raw Retro Remix

04.Steven Jamal & D.D.King feat. Dorien Smith-No Words (Gianni Junior Midland Dub)

05.Steven Jamal & D.D.King feat. Dorien Smith-No Words (Original Mix)

Steven Jamal & D.D.King feat. Dorien Smith"No Words"

Produced by D.D. KING (R.I.P)


Lyrics Written and Sang by DORIEN SMITH

Mix Down & Mastering by Dj Spen

Executive Producers Sean Spencer & Thomas Davis