Klevakeys has been a passionate,

talented DJ / producer for well over a decade,

releasing music and doing gigs for over 12 years.

His love for music and the arts is second to none.

Previously releasing and playing music under various aliases,

Klevakeys has always kept his sound fresh

and is always striving to evolve.

Klevakeys has 15 years of experience as a Mix Engineer,

Producer and Arranger. Mixing, Producing tracks for artists and labels such as Katy B,

Island Records, Donaeo, Kerri Chandler, DJ Spen, Pure Bassline, King Street Sounds,

Quantize Recordings, Ministry of Sound and many more. Mostly known for his record releases,

after a HUGE demand Klevakeys is now offering his Mix Engineer services to everyone.

Being a musician first Klevakeys understands every process of the mixing stage which puts

Klevakeys at an advantage due to being highly experienced in all fields of production.

Klevakeys is highly passionate about Mixing and Production that he completed his

Masters Degree in 2018 with a huge understanding of every process in music production.

Klevakeys uses a mixture of hardware and software packages when mixing records

in any style of music. The proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say.

Since emerging on to the underground house music scene in 2010,

Klevakeys released his first house EP 'Lost In The Music'. With numerous

releases in-between, a year later Klevakeys released 'Stay' featuring

Julie Iwheta which was his first release that hit the top 10 spot on

Traxsource. In 2012 Klevakeys was really experimenting with his sound

and getting influenced by a lot of underground music at the time

releasing 'Soul on The Dance floor EP', remixing Eltonnick and Naak's

'Ndiyindoda' releasing 'Moving On' feat Julie Iwheta, 'Raising

Vibrations' feat Diamondancer and 'Hold of Me' feat Michelle Weeks all

in the same year. Since then Klevakeys has built up a very admirable

portfolio of music. His first Traxsource number 1 came in the early part

of 2014, teaming up with the legendary DJ Spen's Unquantize Record

label, 'Journey To The Sun EP' which was a great success in the house

music world. That same year Klevakeys released his debut 'Lost and

Found' 12 track digital album which also received great support.

Since then Klevakeys has worked and remixed for some of house music's

finest artists / producers, DJ Spen, Kerri Chandler, Thommy Davis,

Booker T, Michelle Weeks, Stephanie Cooke, Michelle John, Diamondancer,

Robin Latimore, Julie Iwheta and many many more. Klevakeys has produced

remixes and has released on labels such as King Street NYC, Tribe

Records, Quantize Recordings, Hed Kandi, Arrecha Records and more.